Chapter Meeting Fall 15

Members of the bargaining unit gathered at the Great Lakes Rooms for the NMU-AAUP Fall Chapter Meeting and luncheon on August 19. President Becky Mead welcomed everyone back and called the meeting to order at 11:14 am.

One of the biggest announcements was the upcoming event with the BOT on September 16. It appears the BOT requested more opportunities to meet with faculty during their visits, and faculty members are encouraged to participate.

Members were reminded of several key calendar items including the September 15 deadline for submitting sabbatical requests and promotion and tenure applications due to department by October 1.

The membership voted on several items of business regarding amendments to the NMU-AAUP Constitution. Dave Donovan moved for a suspension of the rules to move to a second reading on all three amendments. The actual vote on these amendments will take place with a forthcoming paper ballot (see minutes for more information on amendments).

Brent Graves updated membership on the newly signed contract and reminded members that without the union, we are all “at will” employees. “The administration came at us with a nine percent pay cut, but because of the union, we got a two percent increase,” Graves said.

Other key issues pertained to EPC and the need for following up on staffing issues and program review.